Spiritual Intelligence Agency {Spring 2022}


Thursdays in May @5:45pm – 6:45pm PDT
Episode 1: May 5, 2022
Episode 2: May 12, 2022
Episode 3: May 19, 2022
Episode 4: May 26, 2022

This series is included with your RA MA TV Live membership.  For non-members, the sessions are available for individual purchase.  $22 per session. 


What You Will Learn

Looking at someone is an active energy. It affects the person you’re witnessing. The same is true with doing a reading. In this course you will learn how to do readings for yourself and those around you. By doing a reading you are actually changing shifting and interacting with reality on subtle levels that can uplift those around you non-verbally and without them evening needing to know the work done behind the scenes.


We cannot control or impact how others feel, but our love is always stronger than anything else and does impact others. This course is about developing intuition and applying it actively to align relationships so that there’s less noise in our heads. This allows us to feel secure so that our minds move out of just knowing and seeing things, but then even further use our minds to go into higher dimensions and start manifesting our material needs smoothly.

Positive intentions gift is access to more cognitive abundance (access to spiritual knowledge) which we can use to heal those we care about. Our relationships are our greatest barometers of our own selves, and blessing those we care about blesses us and enhances our own life. By seeing those we care about and opening dialogues or depth we heal ourselves and become grounded to lift higher in our own lives.

Ep 1. I Am Psychic

Claim and own what is rightfully yours. This episode is about accepting yourself and provides specific tools and exercises to activate and receive the innate abilities you have.

Ep 2. I Forgot About Myself

Destroying the ego is still and destructive energy directed at yourself. Find ways to work through your ego. The easiest thing to do is to momentarily forget that you exist as a separate being. This allows more expansion of awareness and sight around you.

Ep 3. I Am Awakened

Deciding that you are awake is all you have to do to be awake. The greatest issue that comes up here is admonishing ourselves for slipping out of consciousness. We all move into and out of higher realms. The less we judge and resent this the more we can slip back into higher realms and stay there. Recognizing the part of us that is awake activates it because what you pay attention to expands.

Ep 4. I Am Responsible

Now that you know who you are, it’s time to take responsibility for the abilities that you have. How can you start using what you know to make a difference even in little ways?


All sessions will be streamed live and available on demand for unlimited replay.

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    Thursday, May 5, 2022, Thursday, May 12, 2022, Thursday, May 19, 2022, Thursday, May 26, 2022

Spiritual Intelligence Agency {Spring 2022}