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Kundalini Yoga for Youth & Joy Manual


Kundalini Yoga for Youth & Joy Manual by Yogi Bhajan

This yoga manual is the result of a six-week Kundalini Yoga course taught by Yogi Bhajan at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in Espanola, New Mexico, in the summer of 1983. It gives a practical, step-by-step approach on how to develop a youthful body, an alert mind, and a vibrant projection. Though originally taught to women, these exercises are intended for men as well.

The exercises will leave you feeling healthy and energetic, with renewed enthusiasm for life. A body which is strong, flexible, and radiant need not to be young in years. An aging body is a body out of tune, out of shape, and most often is the result of the inability to handle mental and physical stresses in the environment.

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