Immense Grace Presents: The Art of Feminine Embodiment & Sensuality


Originally presented at RA MA Los Angles in February 2022

Your full spectrum embodiment and connection to your own pleasure is the precursor to sensuality and sexuality.

During this immersive weekend, come fully into your own body, deepen your physical and energetic receptivity, and reclaim the power of your lower center in an integrated and elevated way. Sensual expression and embodiment is about your body’s capacity to feel and circuit energy. Enter this space with artfulness. Featuring classes, teachings, and deep meditation workshops with Shabadpreet, Mandev, Harmanjot and Gurujas.

Included: 9 sessions totaling approximately 18 hours of content, on-demand with infinite replay.

Price: $299

*Your purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable.