Meet RA MA Institute Teacher Iram

Meet Iram, RA MA TV teacher from our home base, RA MA Institute in Venice, California, USA. Iram first encountered Kundalini Yoga in 2016 when she was living in New York City. Her passion for this practice was immediate as she experienced the teachings’ power in healing her anxiety. 

This week, we sat down with her to ask her more about her journey with the practice, what inspires her for her classes, and her recommendations for go-to Kriyas and mantra.

​​How did you discover Kundalini Yoga?

I first discovered kundalini yoga through a book about chakras ~ the book talked about how it could be dangerous, so my rebellious spirit immediately found myself a class to try it out for myself. I fell in love with the experience of deeper connection with myself immediately and soon discovered the only thing that was in danger was my ego as kundalini yoga started working its magic!

What are some of the ways you use the technologies of Kundalini Yoga for success in your life?

For my relationship, I chant Bhand Jameeai daily for at least 11 recitations. It keeps me connected to my own divine feminine essence, easing any friction, enabling me to express myself with dignity and security, and thus creating great harmony in my partnership.

For my professional life within management consulting, I stay calm, alert, and focused through various types of pranayama, but on a daily basis fists of anger and breath of fire in ego eradicator.

And in general, whatever problem I may be having in life, I find a kundalini yoga kriya or meditation that is prescriptive for that problem to help me overcome it. Works like a charm!

What’s your go-to Kriya?

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya — it cuts through the negativity and brings me into neutrality within 11 minutes usually. If I am being really negative, I have upped it to 31 and even 62 minutes. It is one of the most powerful meditations that I have ever done!

What do you recommend for people to stay grounded during these times on the planet?

We feel ungrounded usually when we are too much in our heads and sometimes if the upper chakras have been activated without balancing the lower chakras, so to go one level deeper, trying to focus on kriyas for the lower chakras can help you stay grounded too.

If your life were a playlist, what are 3 songs that would be on it?

  1. Bhand Jameeai
  2. Guru Ram Das Chant
  3. Adi Shakti

What are 3 things you do to keep a healthy glow?

  1. Kundalini yoga + exercise in general…specifically things like cat-cow daily. For women specifically, according to Yogi Bhajan, if you aren’t doing two hours daily of exercise, you can always be doing more. I don’t usually hit two hours every day but I try for at least one, even if they are in increments.
  2. Consuming healthy liquids — I am fiery and of pitta constitution so for me especially aloe juice helps a lot! I also love celery and cucumber.
  3. Steam room and sauna as often as I can — it’s really important to detoxify the body to maintain a healthy glow.

What’s one thing you hope someone experiences in your classes?

When I practice, I always feel like there’s a way through everything, and that I am able to navigate the ship of my destiny into a more positive place, even if my mind cannot comprehend that. I have overcome things in life that I didn’t think were possible with this technology and so if I can inspire that feeling in others via kundalini yoga, I will be very happy!

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