Develop Your Limitlessness

As a woman, if you feel insecure, it’s because there’s an element of unknown. But if you can connect with your infinite being, you’ll have the base security that you need to feel confident and clear about what’s next.

When you develop a base security, nothing can stop you, and you’ll have an almost impenetrable auric strength.

So how do you do that?

Have a go-to pranayam and mantra that are yours that you fall in love with and can instantly turn to if you start to feel drawn in a negative direction.

Prana = fuel to your system for you to go FAST. When you fuel your system with prana, mantra, and yoga, those high-vibrational structures work for you in the most magical ways.

Hear Mandev talk more about that in this video.

BONUS: Try reciting this as a practice: I know the unknown will be known to me.

This is one of the areas we’ll be getting into in Immense Grace: Tools for Victory. Within an elevated community field, we’ll be working with yoga, prana, and mantra so that you can not only establish base security, but use that as a launching pad to get to where you need to go and experience your limitlessness.