Meet Joie Ruggiero

We sat down with RA MA Institute teacher Joie Ruggiero about what inspires her most. Here’s what she has to say.

Joie Ruggiero

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve felt from a Kundalini Yoga fitness class versus a more traditional fitness class?

Traditional fitness can be a spiritual experience for so many people, myself included. People are aware that their existence is deeper than just the physical body. In Kundalini yoga technology, we know that the human is actually made up of 10 distinct bodies. 

Moving the physical body in dynamic and purposeful ways, especially in harmony with other people doing the same thing, is extremely beneficial for not only the physical, but the mental and emotional bodies. Because of this, many mainstream workouts can help us strengthen more of these bodies, but Kundalini yoga is the only system that I know that works out all 10 bodies of the human system. This means that participants will quickly develop a strength of awareness, as well as deeper strength of the body.

What Kundalini Yoga technologies help you most in your fitness performance?

Every day I am amazed at how the science of physical fitness can be stripped down to reveal deep and profound yogic teachings. The strength of the navel point is a great example of this. In the Kundalini system, we are taught that the navel point is a point of initiation. All communication must start from this place in order to be properly received. It is the gateway between the lower and higher chakra centers. It is a pressure gauge of pranic energy. It is the channel through which we lived in the womb of our mother. 

In traditional fitness, you’ll hear constant reminders to keep your “core tight” or to keep this area engaged. On the surface, this advice is given in an effort to keep us in alignment, thereby preventing injury. If we look deeper, engaging the navel point is a guidepost of deliberate action. Only through deliberate, confident, action, can we hope to attain higher states of being, whether that be higher states of consciousness, or simply a higher level of physical fitness.

What are your top 3 ways to keep a healthy glow?

  1. Sweat everyday *wink wink*. 
  2. Anyone who is reading this and not yet taking cold showers needs to start immediately. Like put down the phone and take a cold shower NOW. 
  3. I’m a sucker for a good night cream. 

If your life was a playlist, what are 3 songs that are on it?

“Rockin’ Robin” by The Jackson 5

“Good Life” by Pete Tong

“Boy Lilikoi” by Jonsi

What’s one thing you want someone to experience from your class?

I ask that people who decide to take my class be a little bit brave. I ask that they find a way to put aside any preconceived notions about what their body can and can not handle. Not in a reckless way, obviously I never want anyone to hurt themselves. But there’s a level of taking responsibility that I ask people to be open to. It is a feeling of “what if?”. What if I didn’t need to put my arms down? What if I could breathe more intentionally? What if I didn’t have to stop? What if I did this with 100% of my energy behind it? That is what I want people to ask themselves when they take my class.

Practice with Joie virtually on RA MA TV, and in person at RA MA Institute Venice.