How to Make a Mantra Box

Mantras contain some of the most powerful technology for transformation on the planet. Now think about what happens when you have those sounds pumping through your home or workspace…

Your mantra music can be at the lowest possible volume – so low that you have to press it against your ear in order to hear. It’s simply the subtle vibration of the sounds that make an impact.

You can also choose any mantra that you’d like. Use Bahota Karam for prosperity, Chattr Chakkr Vartee for protection, or anything else that you feel intuitively will benefit you and your home.

Here’s how to make a mantra box:

  • Load your favorite mantra(s) onto a USB or SD card (make sure the audio files are .mp3s)
  • Plug your speaker into the wall, insert your USB or SD card, and you’re all set!

BONUS: If you have any audio editing software on your computer, try layering mantras on top of each other for maximum mantras on one box!