Is it Spiritual to be Rich?


By Mary Margaret Skelly


Historically, spirituality was associated with renunciate monks and vows of poverty. But if we define wealth as having the resources, energy and time to complete our missions here on earth—and enjoy the process—then a certain level of prosperity may even be a spiritual imperative.

The “spiritual” person presumably envisions a better world, where we all start treating each other and the planet with a little more dignity so we can all thrive. But actually having enough influence to shift the status quo almost always requires some kind of material resource.

Each of us has our own destiny, and our personal levels of material wealth will vary. It’s also true there are systemic blocks to prosperity for some—all the more reason for someone with the spare time to explore spiritual practices to be financially stable enough to help others.

Consider the following reasons why it’s worth it to allow yourself your maximized financial potential:

1.You need tools for the mission

We have a lot to do if we want to shift our planet out of its current trajectory. Worrying about the rent and putting food on the table is a distraction. Getting our financial affairs in order frees up our energy so we can be of service to others.

2. Your dollar is your most important vote

Important as it is to vote in our elections, it can be frustrating to feel like every candidate has to pander to one destructive interest or another. Voting with our dollar is an even more immediate way to create the world we want.

3. Money wisely spent fuels activism

We did not come here to sit idly by while our freedoms and our planet are destroyed. Yet activism without a calm, focused, clear mind is a recipe for hysteria, misguided efforts and burnout. That is why investing in Kundalini Yoga gatherings—or your mind-body upgrade system of choice—is far from a navel-gazing indulgence. Everyone in your orbit benefits when you recharge and gain clarity.

There is a certain financial game that must be accepted and played if we are to thrive here on earth. Rather than rail against it, we can learn to enjoy it. Finances ebb and flow as a natural part of life. But if guilt about prosperity is holding you back from stability, consider this an invitation to drop it—it just might be one of the most “spiritual” things you can do.


Mary Margaret Skelly has advised hundreds of business leaders through her work as an executive search consultant on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and for high-growth companies across industries around the world. Today she works with purpose-driven women to accelerate their careers in an evolved way. You can learn more about her work and schedule a session at Join Mary Margaret this month on Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society for a special 3-part-call series on spirituality and prosperity in the workplace.