Heart Cave NYC

RA MA New York Presents:

Heart Cave Meditation Immersion with Guru Jagat

Originally Presented January 24, 2021

Go on a deep meditative retreat from the comfort of your own sacred space. Dim the lights, cozy up on your favorite sheepskin, steep some yogi tea, and settle in to traverse your inner landscape with Guru Jagat, Pritam Siri, and your global RA MA Community.

All sessions will take place on Zoom to allow for sharing, connection, and intimate work with Guru Jagat. The program is Eastern Time Zone friendly. All people of all genders from around the world are encouraged and welcome to participate.


10 Hours of Deep Meditative Healing Experiences:

RA MA Recitations: Deep Mantra Immersion with Ana Santanilla

Bi-Cameral Mind Curing with Guru Jagat

Neural Synapse Fast Twitch Brain Body with Pritam Siri

Alpha Wave Theta Wave Helix Healing with Guru Jagat


Now Available on Demand

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