Equinox Acceleration

at RA MA New York
Originally Presented September 2023

Equal dark.

Equal light.

The Fall Equinox is a time to harvest the seeds that you’ve sown throughout the year. It’s a time for balance, renewal, and infinite expansion. It’s a time to receive from the quantum portal.

Maximize the energy of Fall Equinox in a day of deep practice, meditation, and elevation with Pritam Siri, Cara Elizabeth, Melissa Wu & Kelle Jacob.

Gain momentum on your life path. Catch the immense wave of Equinox energy. Create a crystalline direction in your mind-stream, your projection, your path ahead. Ready, set, EXPAND.

Equinox Acceleration


Autumnal Equinox Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Class with Melissa Wu
One of the most powerful days for yogic practice, start your day with this energetic session.
Single Session Drop in: $25 or RA MA Class Pass

Equinox | Cultivating Positivity

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class with Kelle Jacob
Elevate your consciousness through the power of positivity in this transformative class. Through Kundalini practices, we’ll amplify the positive mind’s energy, enhancing optimism and resilience. Embrace a radiant mindset, drawing in abundance, and uncover the beauty in every moment.
Single Session Drop in: $25 or RA MA Class Pass

Equinox | Manifestation

Dance Workshop with Cara Elizabeth
Channel of potentiality of this day in an energizing dance session with Cara Elizabeth. transforms your physical form into a powerful conduit for manifestation. With a dynamic combination of fresh and innovative dance techniques, Cara blends ancient practices, breathwork, postures, writing exercises and voice technology. Cara’s dance classes empower students to fully embody the master manifester within, all while grooving to a high-energy, hype-inducing soundtrack.
Please bring comfortable clothes to dance i and a journal + writing utensil.
Single Session Drop in: $44
All Access Workshop Bundle $129 (save $25)

Destiny Blueprint |
Equinox to Solstice Strategy & Visioning

Workshop with Pritam Siri
A guided afternoon of pragmatic & esoteric co-creation with the cosmos. Set a practical plan of soul-guided goals and steps for this final segment of the year. Let the rhythms of nature guide you into a flow of success; steady, ready and participating in your part of the great mystery.
Expect meditation, creative writing and community support, all designed to amplify the positive charge of this highly powerful day and send you into a new season of success.
Please bring a notebook.
Single Session Drop in: $55
All Access Workshop Bundle $129 (save $25)

Destiny Point |
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Energize your equinox day in a culminating and elevating evening of group practice, deep meditation, kundalini yoga movement and gong sound relaxation.
Single Session Drop in: $55
All Access Workshop Bundle $129 (save $25)

Autumn Equinox Around the World

Celebrate in
Los Angeles or Mallorca


Contact RA MA with questions about Autumn Equinox 2023 at [email protected]
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