Ant Na Siftee: The Mantra of Infinity


If you’ve been tuning into class recently, chances are you’ve been hearing White Sun’s brand new recording of Ant Na Siftee – the 24th Pauri of Japji – take you to new depths.

Yogi Bhajan calls this the “Pauri of Infinity”, saying too that it has the capacity to give you infinite powers. As with any mantra, Ant Na Siftee has a specific sound current, or a unique code, that activates when the tongue hits the meridians on the roof of the mouth to recite the Gurmukhi. Watch the video above to hear Tej Kaur Khalsa break down the Pauri line by line.

Yogi Bhajan also taught that Ant Na Siftee has the same sounds as the National Anthem, saying that the National Anthem is the sound of freedom and victory, and Ant Na Siftee, the sound of infinity.

It’s in the rhythm:

The very precise rhythm of Ant Na Siftee puts a certain pattern on your neurons so you have the ability to re-code reality in a different way – a way that gives you sovereignty. 

By broadcasting into the crown chakra, the sounds of Ant Na Siftee sort out the subconscious landscape and rearrange the karmic patterns and samskaric patterns in your favor. It will cut out anything that divides you from your own rhythmic, cosmic, harmonious current, and will break up limitations and cut out negativity.

Broadcast the mantra:

Download White Sun’s recording of Ant Na Siftee and have it playing in your house, on your phone, or on any other listening device throughout the day. Play it throughout the night, too, and as you begin to fall asleep, continue to chant the mantra silently, in a whisper, or out loud to get it broadcasting in your aura. Continue tuning into the rhythm as you sleep, in your dreams, and any time you wake up during the night.

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