The Angelic Realms


The Angelic Realms

with Isabelle von Fallois,
Mandev, & Shabadpreet
Originally Presented on Sunday, June 4, 2023
Tune Your Frequency to the Celestial Realms and Embrace Your Angelic Nature
The loving presence of your guardian angels surrounds you always, ready to offer their guidance and support. Unlock the profound connection that awaits you, bringing forth a life filled with love, purpose, and divine harmony. Rediscover your innate angelic nature and ignite a profound transformation within.

What to Expect

Experience Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for tuning your frequency to the celestial realms and your own angelic nature.

Deepen your connection to your angels with angelic transmissions from Isabelle von Fallois.

Learn mantric frequencies for aligning your vibration with the elevated frequencies of the Angelic Realm.

“Beloved ones, enjoy our presence with all of your senses and talk with us regularly so we can truly support you with everything. Remember ~ we are only allowed to help you if you ask and give us permission to do so.“

- Guardian Angels


Former pianist Isabelle von Fallois was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia. After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal. From this moment on she studied various forms of energy healing, coaching and more to be able to support people on their path.

In the meantime she wrote several bestselling books (including the novel “Der Brief der Magdalena”) which were translated into different languages and recorded more than 50 meditations.

She is the founder of the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training (7 modules à 5 days) including ISIS ANGEL HEALING®, MAGDALENE HEALING® and the SACRED WOMEN SESSIONS©. Together with Urban Nomad Jewelry she created the SACRED WOMEN MALA COLLECTION.

Besides she had her own radio show “Angel Messages” for more than 2 years and was featured in lots of magazines like OM Times Magazine, Awareness Magazine, NEWsAGE, WOMAN, GLAMOUR, etc. and appeared on several DVDs with other famous people like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lorna Byrne, Eric Pearl, Princess Martha Louise, etc., in spiritual movies and on German television.

Isabelle von Fallois’ mission is to travel through the world to help people to open their hearts to communicate with Angels and other light beings and to live a life filled with divine love and miracles to make the world a better place.

Mandev Khalsa is an award-winning filmmaker and creator of My Moon Map™. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in yogic teachings to discover energy and power.

Mandev’s classes at RA MA Institute focus on removing blocks, installing prosperity
patterns, weaving celestial sound codes, karma clearing, third eye-opening, mind crystallizing, heart opening, soul downloading.
She travels the world with her teacher and husband Harijiwan leading Kundalini Trainings, yatras, and women’s programs.

Mandev leads a complimentary virtual global women’s community: The Inner Moon Circle, inviting women around the world to realize the infinite stream of energy at their fingertips through mapping the Moon Centers, unlocking the power of the auric field, and exploring and applying the vast ocean of women’s  teachings Kundalini Yoga has to offer.

Shabadpreet is the CEO of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology with locations in Los Angeles, California; Mallorca, Spain; New York City, and virtually on RA MA TV.
With the passing of Guru Jagat, Shabadpreet continues RA MA’s Mission as a crossroads of consciousness, wellbeing, and creation-culture. Known for her healing approach, Shabadpreet can also be found teaching in our Kundalini Trainings and in our three Global Women’s Programs.




The Angelic Realms

with Isabelle von Fallois, Mandev, & Shabadpreet

Originally Presented on Sunday, June 4, 2023


$ 149
  • Access virtually to all sessions on zoom
  • Includes event portal with infinite replay


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