The Angelic Realms


The Angelic Realms
An Immersion with Isabelle von Fallois, Mandev, & Shabadpreet

Originally Presented on Sunday, June 4, 2023

Isabelle Von Fallois, Angelic Channel and author of Healing with the Angels, joins Kundalini Yoga teachers Mandev & Shabadpreet for a day of connecting to the Angelic Realms. Higher celestial beings are always present and available to assist you on your life path. When called upon with your free will, they can help to uplift your spirit, dissolve obstacles, bring you creative ideas and inspiration, and connect you with your manifestations. In this experience, commune with the angels, learn how to work with them on a daily basis, and elevate your entire life experience into a more angelic frequency.


  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for tuning your frequency to the celestial realms and your own angelic nature
  • Angelic transmissions from Isabelle von Fallois
  • Deepen your connection to your Angels
  • Learn mantric frequencies for aligning your vibration with the elevated frequencies of the Angelic Realm

Guardian Angels: “Beloved ones, enjoy our presence with all of your senses and talk with us regularly so we can truly support you with everything. Remember ~ we are only allowed to help you if you ask and give us permission to do so.“

 – Isabelle von Fallois

Price: $149

This event is live virtually on Zoom with access to the unlimited replay

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Angelic Realm Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Isabelle, Mandev and Shabadpreet
The Angelic Realms