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A 3-Day Money Energetics Immersion

with Elizabeth Ralph, the Spiritual Investor
featuring Jen Saltiel, RA MA Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Virtually on RA MA TV & In-person at RA MA Los Angeles

What if you realized creating lifelong wealth can be effortless?
What if you could merge your intuition with the flow of money?
What if you stepped into the reality that generational wealth is not only possible, but lies completely within your power?
The tools to make your next quantum money leap are HERE.

And you are READY for it.

The Experience

Elizabeth Ralph, The Spiritual Investor, is a high-level wealth strategist with over two decades of industry experience as a former financial executive and energy trader. Elizabeth now merges accessible financial education with the nuances of frequency and intuition to create confident, aligned investors.

In this 3-day immersion, Elizabeth will reshape your perspectives on wealth, rewrite your money narratives, and redirect your financial future with consistent income that grants you more time and energy to focus on the deeper purpose of your work and the things that truly light you up. Elizabeth has helped hundreds of individuals transform from uncertain investors to effortless wealth creators.

What You’ll Learn

  • Merge the world of finance with the power of spirituality and intuition
  • Free yourself from outdated, limited thought patterns around money
  • Get the fundamental knowledge of investing & create ease in getting started now
  • Change your relationship with money, allowing more wealth to flow immediately
  • Create confidence and aligned enthusiasm around wealth management, investing, and building generational wealth
  • Learn & adopt the powerful mindset of Money Neutrality
  • Utilize the ancient yogic science of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to elevate your frequency & open your energetic field to hold more abundance

What People are Saying

Elizabeth is the most generous, kind, grounded, expert coach I have had contact with. She offered me a free coaching session and the rest is history. My life has transformed and still is. Her offers keep giving.”

Amy Ilic

“Elizabeth’s approach to money & investing resonates with me in a deeper way than any money teachings I have seen before. Her blend of spirituality and practicality has inspired me to live by my own core values. Elizabeth’s teachings are informative, uplifting, and easy to follow with her simple step-by-step formulas.”


“I never thought I would love learning about stocks so much. elizabeth is helping me re-evaluate so many things in my life that are not even related to my finances and that has already started being incredibly helpful and life-changing. “​


“Normally, thinking about money, planning, investing is kind of overwhelming and stressful. But with this conscious approach, I’ve actually found myself becoming more and more relaxed overall. It’s like what was actually stressful was NOT thinking about money. Thinking about money in a conscious way has actually lead to a greater level of peace in my life. Who knew! ;-)”


“This program has allowed me to find the inner peace and knowing of how to bring in wealth and accept the abundance that I am deserving of. The mixture of finance with spirituality was exactly what I needed to feel secure in my relationship with money and to step forward to creating a successful business.”


Making Money is Easy

You can make money while you sleep, eat, and go on vacation.

Your wealth is about the value YOU bring to the world merged with the energy of money. With the right tools, you can bring your quantum goals to life and become one symbiotic, effortless process with your money. Financial freedom is within your grasp right now.

Your Guides

Elizabeth Ralph

Elizabeth Ralph is a high-level wealth strategist and intuitive investor who retired at the age of 39 in order to teach others how to reach financial freedom through non-traditional ways. She is also the founder of The Spiritual Investor, the place where entrepreneurs transform from unsure investors to badass money managers. Elizabeth has helped hundreds of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs shift into building unshakeable wealth through her offerings. In 2012, she realized that in order to fulfill her purpose, she needed to break free from the confines of corporate world. So right then and there, she decided to go “all-in” and set up a strategy to achieve financial freedom within 10 years, setting the foundation for her life-changing approach.

Jen Saltiel

Jen Saltiel has been practicing and working with the Kundalini Yoga technology since 2012. As a devout student of Guru Jagat’s and Chief of Staff of RA MA Institute Global team, she has a deep connection with the teachings and genuine love and desire to deliver them to the world. Her classes are clear, uplifting, rhythmic, and meditative.

Sign Up

A 3-Day Money Energetics Immersion


March 2024


$ 349
  • Choose from In-Person or Virtual Access
  • All tickets include infinite Virtual Replay Access

Getting There

RA MA Los Angeles Location Details:
1729 21st Street Santa Monica, California 90404

We're located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, directly off I-10 Exit Cloverfield on 21st Street between Olympic and I-10.
30 Minutes from Los Angeles International Airport
10 Minutes from Silicon Beach & the Pacific Ocean


Contact RA MA with questions about the Wealth Frequency Immersion at [email protected]

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