This Week in Astrology: It’s Scorpio Season


Diving into Scorpio…

The Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday, joining Mercury, Pallas, and Venus, which will conjoin just in time for the New Scorpio Moon next Sunday. That’s a powerful stellium, carrying us beneath the surface to delve into our depths to find a greater understanding and experience of our own mystery.

We yearn for transformation and will spend the next few weeks in search of it, fueled by the Sun, the New Moon and Mercury’s upcoming retrograde. Dive deep and see what you find.


Action and Attraction…

Mars in Libra squares off with the Lunar Nodes and Saturn this week. Playing well with our significant others is important, but we may be feeling as though they – and life – is pulling us away from our own plans. Mars likes to fight for what – and who – matters most. See how you might harmonize and compromise with your partners in order to create a better balance. Aim your energies wisely, and allow that there may be purpose in patience.

Venus’ aspects to Neptune, Lilith and Vesta have us seeing the best and the worst in others and in ourselves. The truth is somewhere in between. Recognize that there’s a reason for everything and everyone… for better and for worse. We attract exactly what we need in order to learn.


Article by RA MA Crew member, True. True has been studying Astrology for over twenty years, and regularly integrates it into her Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes at RA MA Yoga Institute Venice, and on She finds it fascinating how everything connects – the cosmos, solar system, Earth and us – and loves to share, helping others to connect the dots in their own lives. True also offers virtual and in-person Astrology readings. To schedule a reading, email [email protected].