RA MA's 11th Birthday celebration | Friday, April 19



About Melissa Wu

Melissa is a multidisciplinary artist in dance and cinematography based in Brooklyn, NY. She infuses her research and studies as a professional dancer in movement, somatics, anatomy, psychology, reiki, biology and her own lived experience with eastern medicine growing up in Hong Kong, into the systematic teachings of Kundalini Yoga. She aims to share practical tools and be an example of how one can elevate and propel beyond sufferings and alchemize one’s life circumstance into its fullest creative expression.

Melissa currently teaches Kundalini Yoga in Brooklyn and New York City, as well as presenting artists and healers at RA MA New York and online through her art collaborative WUWU. She service artists and art non-profits in NYC find their voices in branding and digital presence through 828 Media. 

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