About Begoña Leal

Begoña Leal, also spiritually known as Nam Devmeet, embodies transformation through yoga. With a strong background in marketing, public relations, and international relations, she has merged her expertise in this field with her love for yoga to spread her light worldwide.

Her journey commenced in the United Arab Emirates, where yoga embraced her with its healing power and inspired her to share her light globally. Nowadays, Begoña leads a purposeful life among three enchanting destinations: Palma de Mallorca, Geneva, and Abu Dhabi. At Rama Mallorca, she shares her passion for yoga and promotes health as a path to wholeness. Her focus centers on providing those facing challenges like infertility, cancer, and the pursuit of a healthy life with the tools for physical and emotional balance through yoga. Her story is a living testament to how yoga can be a beacon of transformation and enrichment.

Nam Devmeet has travelled the world, immersing herself in the wisdom of the greatest yoga masters. She has specialized in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, but her journey transcends the boundaries of physical practice. Her exploration encompasses various religions, spiritualities, and cultures, enriching her perspective and her ability to connect with individuals from diverse beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Nam Devmeet has become a passionate ambassador for yoga, health, and spirituality, illuminating the path for all those seeking healing and transformation on their own journey.

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