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Invoking Our Angelic Nature with Raghubir

In Kundalini Yoga, we talk about three qualities of the mind, the gunas that exist in all of us. These are the angel, the human and the animal. When you act as an angel, you live from intuition and with your infinite nature. Acting as an animal, you are impulsive and aggressive. As a human, … Learn more

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Creativity Hacks: Part I

In the pursuit of Creativity, there are many shortcuts we can practice. In this class, we will cover three of them.  One is to stimulate the 7th rib, the seat of all creativity. Two, is to develop the relationship with our soul and the sensitivity to know who we really are. Three is to get … Learn more

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Invoking the Guardian of Health

The Guardian of Health refers to the glandular system and in particular, the pituitary gland. While working on our blood chemistry for optimum health and emotional stability, we also optimize our intuitive capacity. The meditation focuses on stimulating the pituitary which helps us, through higher consciousness, to let go of ego attachment. Without ego attachment, … Learn more

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Flow with Raghubir

All happiness, prosperity, love, success, contentment is based on one thing…whether you flow or not. When our egos get in the way, the flow slows, gets diverted or stops. And that is what makes you unhappy, unfulfilled, discontent and unhealthy. This class will remove thought patterns that impede the flow; opening the heart to give … Learn more

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Strengthening the Immune System with Raghubir

The Immune system gets compromised when we are under stress or are not processing our emotions effectively. Anger in itself is not destructive, but not being in control of it can be. “It is self control which matters in Life”. – Yogi Bhajan In order to maintain our physical health and emotional stability, we need … Learn more

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