Miraculous Self-Healing

The Laws of Structural Healing with Uli Wippler

Saturday, October 7 - Sunday, October 8, 2023

Discover the transformative potential of the Structural Healing Principle with Uli Wippler, a seasoned Osteopath, Shaman and Healer with over two decades of expertise.

In this exclusive Mallorca workshop:

Uli Wippler explores the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern science, revealing the key to unlocking your innate self-healing capacity through the latest osteopathic research and its relation to the profound impact of Kundalini Yoga techniques.

  • Discover methods for enhancing your self-healing force.
  • Explore techniques to influence your brain’s transformation capacity.
  • Learn strategies to minimise energy loss and boost resilience in the face of environmental impact.
  • Gain insights into the connection between the Soul’s Electromagnetic field and your overall health.

A Universal Key

Recent osteopathic research uncovered a universal key to reversing degeneration and enhancing the inherent self-healing capacity within every human body.

Various forms of stress—whether emotional, nutritional, or environmental—can trigger specific patterns of imbalance in our bodies. This typically involves joint instability on one side and organ compression on the other, often leading to the manifestation of chronic diseases.

These are issues you can confidently tackle with a set of practical tools and knowledge, granting you the power to regain control of your health and restore balance.
Join us in this workshop to explore the dynamic fusion of modern and ancient energy medicine.

The Schedule

Saturday, October 7

18:00 – 20:30

Opening Workshop with Nam Satya & Uli

This workshop provides a profound exploration of health and life imbalances, allowing you to tap into your inner healing energy. You’ll gain insights into your energy field, clear blockages, and embark on a journey into your soul’s potential.

Saturday, October 7


Community Dinner

Sunday, October 8

9:30 – 11:00

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Nam Satya

Sunday, October 8

11:30 – 14:30

The Laws of Structural Healing with Uli

In this workshop, we will delve into the profound connection between the Osteopathy method and yogic principles of alignment, unlocking enhanced self-healing capabilities and fostering a pain-free body. We will employ specific tools and techniques to target the nervous system, organs, and musculoskeletal system, providing a comprehensive approach to overall well-being.


Miraculous Self-Healing

The Laws of Structural Healing with Uli Wippler

Saturday, October 7 - Sunday, October 8, 2023


  • Dinner Included
private sessions
with Uli Wippler

The Relief Bodywork Sessions: Craniosacral Therapy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy

Session Length 1 Hour | 120€
available saturday, october 7 - thursday, october 12

Effectively address physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects with this powerful therapy for recent and chronic conditions that challenge conventional medicine.

This therapy's core objective is to bridge the body-soul gap, releasing stress patterns and stored memories, restoring the body to its natural state of health and resilience.

It's ideal for:
- Back pain
- Migraines
- Digestive issues
- Autoimmune conditions
- Post-accident recovery
- Organ dysfunctions
- Body detoxification

The Relief Soulwork
Energy Reading & Healing

Session Length 1 Hour | 120€
available saturday, october 7 - thursday, october 12

Experience the transformative energy healing therapy 'Fogo Sagrado,' passed from Brazilian shamans to Uli Wippler and further developed to address physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being.

Uli's unique approach identifies and releases blockages within your energy field, fostering self-regulation and resilience.

This therapy has guided countless individuals worldwide and is effective for diverse conditions, including:
- Sickness and negativity
- Stagnant or challenging situations
- Family system blockages
- Past life issues
- Traumatic life experiences

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