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Reality Riffing

Reality Riffing

Reality Riffing

REALITY RIFFING is full of teachings, wisdom and actionable practices to enrich your life, business & relationships. Hosted by Guru Jagat, this podcast features intimate conversations with luminaries on the cutting-edge of their fields.

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The Mental Wellness Panel

The Mental Wellness Panel: Guru Jagat RA MA Fest Summer Solstice 2020

NOVEMBER 4, 2020

From RA MA Festival Summer Solstice 2020, join Guru Jagat with musician and mental health advocate Jasmin Rhia, former sex worker and self-care expert Romina Rosales, and licensed mental health councilor and spiritual practitioner Natalia Rosenbaum, as they discuss dealing with anxiety, guilt and trauma in the age of high fear news broadcast, COVID-19, social media and the increasingly pressurized Aquarian age. Discover tools you can use to navigate frustration and the comparison tool of social media, hear real stories from inspiring practitioners and go deep into what it means to be human and alive at this time on the planet.

The Prison Industrial Complex: Guru Jagat x RA MA FEST Summer Solstice 2020​

OCTOBER 27, 2020

From RA MA Festival in June 2020, join Guru Jagat as she talks virtually with Ricky Kidd, recent exoneree after 23 years, Coss Marte, creator of ConBody, a fitness regime developed while incarcerated, and Lazuli Witt, a death-row defense lawyer who has spent a career representing the wrongly accused. The Prison Industrial Complex is a somewhat invisible force in U.S. economics. Tune in to this talk to hear the stories and educated perspective from three people on the front lines.

Secrets of Atlantis: Guru Jagat x Carmen Boulter

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Journey through the catacombs of Egypt and venture into the mystery of Atlantis. In this episode, Guru Jagat talks with world-famous scholar & filmmaker, Dr. Carmen Boulter, who’s first documentary series, The Pyramid Code, aired on national TV in 38 countries and on Netflix in 17 regions. Listen in to this conversation for Carmen’s the alternative understandings around the mysteries of Egypt, how to astral travel using a sarcophagus, and Carmen’s discoveries on the possibly 50,000 year old Atlantean civilization.

The Entrepreneur & Heroines Journey: Guru Jagat x Anar Bhansali

OCTOBER 5, 2020

Anar Bhansali is the CEO and lead designer of Bhansali, a fine jewelry company creating modern heirlooms and custom pieces, and the founder of START, a program creating entrepreneurial education for high schoolers. Guru Jagat and Anar talk the mythic nature of the entrepreneur’s journey, how generating beauty is at the source of all good work, and how to navigate the ups and downs of being a creative as well as running your own business. Tune in for this incredible conversation.

“I am always interviewing people I think are doing incredible things & talking about issues that need to be talked about. I am not interested in regurgitating another ‘wellness industry’ guest on the podcast circuit, rather I’m interested in uncovering new thought and active solutions to the most pressing cultural, political & spiritual issues facing humanity right now.”