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The Consciousness of Ek Ong Kar

The following is a transcript from Guru Jagat’s lecture on Monday, November 2, 2020 in Venice, California. 


The world is odd right now and we want to just be. I know some of you’ve had this experience and if you haven’t, this is what we’re working on this week. And if you had, we’re going to increase it, which is that you have a pranic and emotional and mental buffer, we’ll call it, from the craziness of the context of whatever your situation that you’re particularly in personally and then the collective. And it’s not like you’re numb. It’s just there’s enough energy running your system that you’re not knee-jerk about what’s happening and it gives you the ability to see things in a wider perspective. That’s very useful right now. We really want to work on that this week and people are asking, “Are we going to be doing election day vigils?”, and all this stuff. We’re going to just keep on doing what we always do. RA MA TV live, we have stuff all day long.

We’re just going to keep doing what we’ve always done because in times like these, it’s very good to keep just plotting along and not making big decisions and freaking out and reacting to the climate in whatever way, shape, or form. Now, that all being said, I was watching, and I talked about this this morning as well in the earlier class, I was watching a very dystopian video of basically all of Paris’ highways completely locked up with people trying to flee the city because of the second lockdown. People are getting the fuck out of France. And I think we’re going to start to see this lockdown refugee situation if you can cross borders and stuff. Some of you can’t cross borders, but maybe crossing the states. Obviously people are fleeing to different states and it’s a very interesting time here in America, but in Europe and other parts of the world, people are just, they’re done with this.

Me and Nicholas were DM-ing this morning and he’s like, “Can we just be done with this human experiment? We failed. It’s fine. You win some, you lose some.” I love you, Nicholas. You want to keep yourself with the third eye alert, with the perceptive ability to see things a little bit maybe in a wider perspective or just question whose agenda and how the thing’s being shown on the news. It was funny. Teg Nam was telling somebody, I was listening to him, but he was telling somebody about my political career, which this is starting to piss me off enough where I’m really considering a political career. Harijiwan says it’s not time yet, but my God. I’m ready for the polarity. I was talking to a woman who’s on the city council in Detroit and being on the city council is an interesting thing because you can affect a lot of local change.

But that all being said, he was telling somebody about my political experience, and so we were protesting the Iraq War, the first one. I think I was like nine or 10. We were protesting. I’d lived outside of D.C. growing up. We protested a lot, but we protested that one and I remember going home that night and turning on the news. And this was before a lot more has happened in this general direction, we turn on the news and you just saw that there was a 100,000 people there or something at the protest. Now, I’m nine or 10 years old. We turn on the news and the way that they shot the footage was, they shoot it down a street where there’s just a couple of protesters, the trail of a couple of protesters. And so I got very quickly, Oh, wait a second. This news is a corporation and this corporation is owned by someone and that person is owned by someone and there’s certain agendas and they’re showing… That was like a revelation when I was nine or 10 years old.

For those of you who that seems to be a hard thing to get through your head, let’s just get over that because that’s what’s happening. Then you have to decide, okay, there’s a certain agenda of perception because now I was watching some sort of… Have you gotten into this Mary Margaret, what are they calling it? The Great Reset. Okay. Then I was watching some of that and I was watching this guy who’s the head of the IMF or something like this, Charles Klaus Schwab. He’s a real creep of a guy and it was either him or some other clip where they were talking about, imagine when basically your brain can be scanned before you even know what you’re thinking to write the email, the email can be written for you and all this stuff. That’s the world we’re living in right now. If you don’t think that having the capacity to command your mind in a way that is the most powerful possible is an important skill set, then you’re missing the boat.

Then they get us all worked up about these two-party or a couple choices. It’s a old, old way of doing things where it’s like what we do with our kids. It’s like, you can have peas or you can have broccoli. This is the way that you do this parenting thing. You want them to have something green so they can have peas or broccoli. Then everybody gets worked up and divided and we continue these weaknesses of division. And it’s been going on for now, hundreds of thousands of years on planet earth and this is a particular planet, so this polarity thing can really be used either against us or for us.

Now, the whole yogic development of technology throughout the thousands and thousands of years was a group of people like ourselves who are looking at what’s happening and going, Hmm, I’m not interested actually in warring over where we’re going to divide the farm land or which race or which religion gets to rule certain areas and resources. Actually, I’m interested in developing myself into someone who actually can see above these low chakra, low-level, young soul divisiveness, and move into a higher unity consciousness. In the Mayan technology, it’s this ninth wave that we’ve been talking a lot about with some of the different presenters over 2020. We’ll continue to talk about it.

We’re interested in this unification, but not just broad stroke, love, and light. People love to throw that spiritual bypassing thing at you as if that has any relevancy to actually having command over your pineal gland and the direction of where you’re going to download thought forms from, which is all these AI technocrats understand in some way, shape, or form, that the pineal glands downloading, depending on what way you divert the attention, that’s where the download’s going to come into the mind and then you’re going to have different images and fears and phobias and then the hormones and the feelings and the reactions and the belief systems and all this stuff. What a circus.

The reason that yogis became yogis is that there was a group of individuals like yourself. This is what RA MA is about, cultivating. There’s a group of individuals who said, there’s got to be something better than this and I know that my system has the capacity to hold the consciousness of the Ek Ong Kar. There is one frequency of wisdom. It is in every way the phenomenon and the expression is different through each unique one of us and our own unique ways. However, that frequency of the one wisdom that runs through all of us is the power that is the true power and that power cannot be divided and that power cannot be conquered. And when I uplink to that power, I too have that strength and that invincibility.

We’re going to work with that a little bit this week. And when reading the poetry of these great poets and saints, this word “invincible” is a word that’s used over and over again by the particularly Guru Gobind Singh. The translation is the word invincible, and this is why I named my book this, Invincible Living, because you have the capacity to uplink to that invincibility. And it comes through not a divided consciousness, but the uplink to the macro mind, the godhead, the one Ek Ong Kar Satnam Siri Wahe Guru.

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