Where radiance begins.

This collection of practices stimulates the glands to radiate more energy, while strengthening the nerves to hold more wattage. Expect greater magnetic presence, glowier skin, more high-caliber experiences, and so much radiance.

#1: Radiant Body Activation
✨ Bowing Jaap Sahib

This kriya is a complete workout — it sculpts and tones the physical body, heals your digestion, and gives you a healthy, flushed-from-within glow all over. And because it’s practiced to the sound current of Guru Gobind Singh, you’ll tap into an otherworldly level of personal power.




#2: Permanent Energetic Adjustment
✨ Navel Adjustment Kriya

Everyone needs a navel-centric set in their lineup — for high-energy situations, for getting projects finished, for any time you need a dose of inspiration. Classic yogic postures like stretch pose and bow pose deliver a potent dose of power for when you need to hit the energetic reset button. With daily use, expect a balanced metabolism, more motivation to get things done, and glowy skin in full force.



#3: Massive Anti-Aging Meditation
✨ Long Mul Mantra

Think of this as a face mask without all the messy product. By chanting the Mul Mantra in long form, this meditation enhances radiance, builds collagen, and balances the glands. The result? Bright, projective beauty. Bonus: practice before bed for supremely deep sleep.



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