A global program to support mom's and children of all ages.

RA MA MAMA is a sanctuary space and support program designed to help mother’s maximize their time at Immense Grace, Camp Grace and other RA MA Experiences. 

Featuring a sacred space of toys and activities, the RA MA MAMA sanctuary is set aside from the main meditation hall and overseen by a select crew of mama helpers and professional childcare. Please see the profiles of our incredible RA MA MAMA leaders at the bottom of the page.

Kids in the Yoga Space

Moms with children are asked to sit in the designated area in the Yoga Space.  This facilitates easy access for you in out of the room and gives your little one a bit of space to spread out with their toys, games, books, etc…

While baby and child noises are fine during the more dynamic parts of RA MA programs (Yoga, Dharma Study, Group Activity, Q & A), we do ask that you step out to the RA MA MAMA Sanctuary with your little one if these noises continue into the more meditative parts of the sessions.  

About the Sanctuary

The RA MA MAMA sanctuary provides an outlet for children to play while mothers are in session with Guru Jagat or for mothers and little ones to connect in a fun and safe environment.  

The RA MA MAMA sanctuary will be open throughout the day, however the mama helpers and parallel programming will be available only during the main sessions. Mothers are responsible for their little ones during mealtimes, before breakfast and after dinner. Children under the age of 5 must be attended by a parent or primary caregiver.

If your child is joining us in the Yoga Space, you are responsible for their close supervision. Please also keep your child within close physical proximity to you if they are joining you in the Yoga Space.

In the case that your child may like to join you in the Yoga Space, bring toys, coloring, snacks, entertainment devices, etc… to keep them happy. Likewise, children are welcome and encouraged to join for Sadhana–they can sleep!  Bring blankets and cozies.

Please register yourself, your child and join us for our women’s programs this year. For a radiate and restorative experience for all!  Inquire about our Caregiver Rate.

Meet the RA MA MAMA Leaders

Carla Coffing

Carla’s adventure with Kundalini Yoga + Meditation began in 2004 and in 2018 she founded The Moon Sanctuary, a magical home studio in Atwater Village offering programming for mothers and children. She brought her youngest daughter to Camp Grace when she was 4 months old and it was the most powerful step she took towards taking care of herself as a mother with two small children.  It is from a deep place of deep gratitude that she is called to help make Camp Grace and these sacred teachings more accessible to mothers.

Karly Shields

Karly has been an educator for over 10 years in a variety of settings, including: infant care, preschool and elementary special education. She is currently the assistant director of a play-based preschool in Los Feliz. She has a passion for interacting with children of all ages and creating learning experiences that are meaningful and fun. Karly’s classroom is filled with music and movement, child-led art, social/ emotional growth, patience and lots of smiles.

Andrea Estrada

Andrea is a recent graduate from UCLA and is fluent in Spanish. She began to work in childcare when she was 14 years old and has taken care of children as young as 6 months old. She is nurturing and loving and fun. Andrea’s experience encompasses taking care of all baby needs up to tutoring school aged children in all subjects. Andrea was the recipient of an Immense Grace Scholarship last year and is excited and honored to give back with her service. 

Camp Grace Registration

  • Children 4-Year-Old and Under are Complimentary and Expected to Share a Bed with Mom.
  • Children 4-12  $349 Per Child and Receive their Own Food + Bed. 
  • Children 13 -16 are $549 per Child
  • Children 17+ are Full Price and Receive their Own Food + Bed.

Accomodations for Moms with Kids

  • We recommend upgrading your room to a Gold Shared or Gold Private room for maximum comfort for you, your child, and other attendees. Consider teaming up with another mom + child for a Shared Gold Room for a more economical option. If you do not upgrade your accommodations, you will be paired with other mothers + children in Standard Accommodations.
  • *If your child is male and over the age of 4* you are required to upgrade to a Gold Private Room or a Gold Shared Room with another mother with a male child.

We can't wait to see you and your little one!

RA MA Mama programs take place throughout the year at different events – in person and online. Inquire about our upcoming events.