Quantum Body Technology

RA MA Healing School Presents

A 2-day experience into the quantum field of merkabic healing with Guru Jagat.

You’ll learn real and simple ways to protect you and your family, and optimize the health and healing of your community.

This course was filmed May 8-9, 2020 and is available now on replay (no expiration)!

You’ll experience

♦ 4-D Faerie Flower Essence Alchemy
♦ Channeled Quantum Virology Homeopathy for COVID-19 & other Virus Mutations
♦ Time and Space Bending Mind Medicine
♦ Sacred Multiverse Merkabra Activations
♦ Shakti Reiki
♦ Chi River Floweth Re-Youthing
♦ Household Herbal Infusions
♦ Quantum Healing Hand Wands for the Sophisticated Mage Yogi

…and so much more.

Your journey

Quantum Body Technology is now on demand.  Watch anytime for a deep healing experience that will transport and transform you.

Registration is available on a sliding scale $77 – $147

Questions? [email protected]

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