Polarity Integration Journey


Saturday, January 21, 2023
4:00pm – 5:30pm PST
In Person Only – at RA MA Los Angeles

Price: $33 Pre-Sale | $44 Day-of

This is a deep journey to birth the more fully realized and complete version of yourself beyond your current edge. An awakening of polarity integration supports each being to tap into a point in the time/space continuum where one merges with their optimal self and experiences an activation of their soul’s chosen core values, embodying the art of allowing full surrender.

Polarity Integration Journey is a Visualization Journey facilitated by artist-visionary-filmmaker Jennifer DeLia. It is a powerful method for overcoming trauma and manifesting one’s dreams.

In her life, Jennifer discovered that polarity is merely magnetism and that the notion of polarity as opposition and resistance sets humans back in their thinking. She developed a Polarity Integration Journey to illuminate access to the ‘field of one’ where we can activate the code for our highest thinking, aligned with the Creative Intelligence of the Universe, which at our core, is what we truly want, as from that place we can paint our reality in the brightest fashion.

With access to one’s own sovereignty and power, all that we have digested energetically through our vessels in life can be re-scripted and re-programmed. There is a graceful, easy, light way to do this in any moment of the day. Jennifer will take you on a deeply embodied journey to activate the channels of awareness, so that you can opt into your own sovereign integration.

Take this journey to honor the powerful portal of the Aquarius New Moon with artist, producer, director, creator, and mystic, Jennifer De Lia.


ABOUT JENNIFER: Jennifer Renée DeLia is an American screenwriter, director, actress, artist, humanitarian and ceremonial leader. She is the creator of Sovereignty Fest, which debuted at RA MA, LA, in Nov 2022. Jennifer stars in and is the director, writer, and producer of the soon-to-be-released feature film “Mary Pickford: Love Wild,” and has directed several high-profile music videos, the 2014 feature film Billy Bates, an Off-Broadway play starring Julia Stiles and James Wirt and more.

As part of Jennifer’s alchemical journey and capacity to support people on their way to becoming their own creative wizard, Jennifer has been facilitating with ceremonial cacao and visualization journeys since 2018.

Most recently, Jennifer was certified by Kayla Shaw of Sacred Sister Collective as a Women’s Guidance Facilitator, and also completed the Bending Reality Master Class, with Victoria Song.

Please bring a journal, be comfortable, and come with an open heart and mind.

*Your registration is non-refundable and non-transferable

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Polarity Integration Journey
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