RA MA's 11th Birthday celebration | Friday, April 19


Moon Girls & Victory Boys – A Children’s Class


with Mandev & Harimander

Sunday, September 17, 2023
1:00pm-2:00pm PDT
In Person Only at RA MA Los Angeles
Price: $11

Moon Girls, Victory Boys unite!

Join us for our first-ever joint Moon Girls & Victory Boys children’s class! A session learning about Kundalini Yoga teachings, mantras, playing fun games, and practicing yoga!

MOON GIRLS: Meet the Moon Centers with Mandev

Young girls of all ages are welcome to join Mandev to learn about their 11 Moon Centers, whatthey are, how they connect to their emotions, and how to track your pattern.

Learn More About Moon Girls Here

In this first session, Moon Girls will activate the Hairline Moon Center! The Hairline Moon Center is all about you being in your power, your strength, your beauty.

  • Hairline Moon Center— activate! When you’re in the Hairline you are truly you!
  • Play Moon Center games with Mandev & the Moon Girls
  • Meet your 11 Moon Centers— what they are, and how they move to create a pattern
  • Learn how the Moon Centers connect to emotions and how to map it out
  • Practice yogic postures— move your body, move your energy, move your spirit

VICTORY BOYS: Learn how to move your energy like a Yogic Warrior with Harimander
Young boys of all ages will work with Harimander on yogic teachings.

Topics to be covered will be Moon Centers– what this means for boys and girls; Mantra— how to use mantra and find your special mantra; and yogic postures like Sarabangdandes, Warrior Pose, and more. Activate your inner warrior!

Learn More About Victory Boys Here

  • Get to know your energy, your strength, your victory!
  • Learn how to use mantra and how to find your special mantra
  • Discover the power of the mantras HAR and SA TA NA MA
  • Learn how to do Sarabangdandes, Warrior Pose, and more yogic postures
  • Meet the Moon Centers—what they are and what this means for boys and girls

The Moon Girls and Victory Boys will unite to practice Har Aerobic Kriya together, yay!


1. What do I bring?

    • You!
    • Sheepie, yoga mat, cushion
    • Water bottle
    • Stuffies & toys optional

2. Can I join Moon Girls?

    • Yes! Moon Girls is for girls of all ages, from the womb to 16-years-old. If you are seven, a tween, a teenager, if you are pregnant with a girl—you can be a Moon Girl!

3. Can I join Victory Boys?

    • Yes! Victory Boys is for boys of all ages. If you are five, eleven, a teenager, if you are pregnant with a boy—you can join the Victory Boys!

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Moon Girls & Victory Boys – A Children’s Class
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