Neptune x Pisces

-Neptune x Pisces-

Great god of trembling seas, son of Saturn, king regent of unseen
Cast far from inner fire, left now to realms of water, land of swimming gods and dreams

Dance rejoicing! you are free within the waves and drink of wine and merry make with many altered minds
You are tattered now with karmas, lofty goals left in the dirt, hearts and souls, heavy burdens from old lives

Shed the layers piled up, and move the soul now free of guilty world of man
Though carefully, slip not too deep, deluded bright ideals do often cover eye with hand

’Stead turn the eye to shadowed things and see what they behold, what they reveal
No darkness too un-sacred, mystic mighty majesty finds universe unsealed

No truth escapes the cool delusion of weight of darkness, weight of depth
The end is found with patience, gone the path, awaits now thine true death

…awaits a dream forever, impossibility unknown
Awaits the truest infinite, imagination now is home…

written by Teg Prakash (@tegprakash, @theheavensareyours)