Get to Know Sangeet Joti Kaur

Sat Nam Sangeet Joti,
RA MA Would love to know:

What are your sun, moon, & rising signs?
Leo, Sagittarius,Virgo.

Human Design?

Favorite Kriya at the moment?
Gyan Chakra Kriya.

Guru Ram Das.

Panj Granny Kriya.

What do you love most about Mallorca?
The Sea, the mountains, Pachamama, and its magic. Ra Ma Yoga Mallorca Sanctuary.

How would you you define your style of teaching?
Sangeet Joti’s classes are packed with light, love and care. Get ready for dynamic Kriyas, Pranayams, Chanting & Meditations to awaken the power within, nourishing and elevating your Spirit.

How you did you find Kundalini Yoga?
In 2014 I attended a Kundalini Yoga class at The Summer Festival in Sweden. I didn’t understand a word but it caught me from the first minute.

Catch Sangeet Joti every Monday & Tuesday at RA MA Institute Mallorca for class.