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Akal Anand: Welcome, Matt Taylor. I know you are busy, you are doing so much… astrology, karmic past life regression, rebirthing. I’m very curious, how have you experienced the last month and what has been most important for people who come to you for guidance?

Matt Taylor: ​I have certainly noticed because I coach and see clients on a regular basis. And I’ve found with them that they’re just able to tap into what’s going on in their lives with less emotion. They are coming through much more clearly. They can see things for what they are and they are much more open to that. I think there’s a really positive challenge in the energy as people are able to see themselves for who they really are. That’s showing up. The people who are on the path are enjoying the moment because their consciousness is prepared. They understand themselves. They understand what’s happening in the world and they have that bigger picture awareness of what’s going on.

There’s also a lot of people who are just opening up to the idea of energy, momentum, and this idea of consciousness evolution. That evolution is really catching on. I think there’s a whole new wave of people coming through that are now very open. I mean, there’s a virus in the world and I think it just highlights that there is something that we can’t see, just like energy, that can impact and change your life.. So there’s something about the things that you can’t see that can move your life, things behind our five senses, that can evolve us. Now, hopefully, we can take this broader lesson of the virus and be more proactive about growing and developing our life energetically to shift our life.

And, you know, I really tell people that in some ways this is the easy part. Because when this is over, you really have to make a conscious choice; will you go back to before or continue on to your next evolution. It’s easy in the slower pace life now to be mindful and conscious and aware but you’ll have to make choices about who you’re gonna be when the world gets busy again. The difficulty of doing this, being practical and delivering on these choices and putting all the things that you’re being and learning into action awaits us. It is an action world. You have to be the change that you want to see in the world and be willing to put your self-discoveries and change into action.

Akal Anand: We have just passed a really strong Jupiter and Pluto conjunction, can you tell us a little bit about this?

Matt Taylor: ​There’s a couple of things happening in the chart that are interesting. When these two planets come together there is some kind of detoxing going on. The Jupiter / Pluto transit happens every twelve years and draws out negativity to be seen . This time Jupiter and Pluto occurs in Capricorn which means we will be seeing more flaws and chaos in systems, structures, hierarchies and big monolithic institutions and administration like government and banks. Pluto is the Lord of the Underground and on a personal level, Lord of the subconscious inside of us. And with Jupiter’s blessing and miracle energy, we are able to detox inside of us, particularly on the deepest of our issues like fears, doubts and lacks and draw out new opportunities by seeing beyond our inner darkness.

The other thing that’s very interesting, speaking of structures, is Saturn going into Aquarius. For me, this is much more important because it will be there for two and a half years. Saturn brings a lot of functionality to things and Aquarius doesn’t like functionality. It doesn’t like borders. So what that means is that together they will rejuvenate a lot of the things that are not functional. We’re taking a lot of old things, we’re bringing them up to speed and we’re bringing revitalizing the old into a new way. So it brings new life. It brings new energy to outdated structures.

Akal Anand: And what would you say are the forces that are bringing blessings and remedies, the positive aspects of all this?

Matt Taylor: ​Well, in terms of remedies, Neptune in Pisces is bringing a lot of return back to nature with natural kind of remedies. People will be looking to build their immune systems through natural ways and to have more of a balanced life. I think it also comes down to this year’s force of Capricorn, and how that is bringing out a detox

on the way we’re financing ourselves, as burnouts in work right now is one of the big things. So people will be taking more interest in their well-being, in their health in general. Work life balance will be more aligned along with nature’s role in our spiritual, mental and physical health.

The Internet will also go through a big change. The World Wide Web was brought in consciousness in 1990 by Sir Tim Burness Lee. It was made in Aquarius, so we will see that it’s coming back for its Saturn return this year. And so in many ways, it will be a rejuvenation of the way people interact on social media, the web and Information Age. I think we will see a lot more consciousness and new rules here and also how people will use it in a more balanced way with their mental health.

Akal Anand: A lot of people at the moment are thinking about their professional situation, their careers, their businesses.What would be your advice in relation to this?

Matt Taylor: ​So when we are under a challenge, we immediately concern ourselves with ourselves. And as we’re waiting in lock down we experience our own sense locking in the system. The system has grounded to a moment for insight into darkness in order to draw the light.

Really, we’re tapping into the outdated mode of capitalism, self help and self interest into a new energy of conscious sharing, we’re tapping into something beyond our self nature.

I think this is beautifully explained in a Kabbalistic story, of a group of kabbalistic students in a dark cave that their teacher sent them to. They have to try and get out of the cave without bumping into each other, without tripping over something, without hurting themselves. They all have candles but only one of them has a candle that is lit and can see a little bit. He doesn’t want to give his candle away and so starts to make his own way out of the cave with a little bit of light from his own candle. Then he realizes that, oh well, I could be spreading this light and help my friends. So just like that, he starts lighting other candles. He realizes when he shares the flame, it doesn’t diminish the flame of his own candle. And so then his sharing of the flame enables the other students candles to be lit and in turn increase all their ability to see their way out of the cave and remove darkness. They come to see that they can do it together. The natural light of the candle doesn’t diminish when it is shared. This is the same with our energy.

The best way to ensure your survival, and to shine light in the world is to share, going beyond our own ego, like literally a cosmic vibration that raises when atoms come together. Everything becomes higher and higher, which means I can feel better. I can get better ideas. Everything is more productive. This universe is created on a cause and affect reality. So if I’m putting out an energy, such as, ‘’I’m thinking about you, I’m caring, I’m loving and concerned,’’ that energy comes back to me. It can’t go anywhere else.

But if I get busy with the worry of my personal problems and negativity, that will come back to me as well. So the whole concept with the sharing is that sharing is a technology. In sharing, I’m doing something beyond my limited nature, I’m going beyond my logic and beyond what seems reasonable in order to draw that light back to me. That is the way that we will win the day. That’s the way that we will open miracles and that is the way to evolve your life.


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