RA MA Institute Presents: An Intersectional International Womxn’s Day Global Meditation with Guru Jagat


As a refreshing and much-anticipated message for this year’s International Women’s day, Guru Jagat presents an Intersectional International Womxn’s Day Global Meditation.

“In my mission to bring the power and technology of yogic teachings to women all over the world, I am thrilled to be sharing this global meditation”, says Guru Jagat. “We must commit on a daily basis to be willing, able, and ready to create a new imprint of feminine archetypes in the cultural and mythological matrix”.

The thirty-minute global meditation will be live-streamed on RA MA TV in over 200 countries and over 3 million followers on social media platforms from RA MA Institute New York City, in the heart of the Lower East Side. To catch the live stream, head here.

The meditation is also supplementary to a social media campaign for feminists – both male and female – to share why they meditate, using the hashtag #whyimafeministwhomeditates.

People from around the world are speaking out in response, with reasons including that meditation allows them the space to serve others: it gives them inspiration on how to be thought leaders in their communities, it puts them in touch with a depth that inspires them to speak out, and more. View the hashtag #whyimafeministwhomeditates on Instagram to see more.

This global live stream meditation and social media campaign are certainly not to be missed for anyone wanting to contribute a positive new conversation on gender perceptions. “Women imprint on each other in a totally subtle way. That’s why we do this kind of practice with each other”, says Guru Jagat. “You don’t even know how many people you’re giving hope to without even saying a word”.

To participate in this uplifting, and inclusive event, join Guru Jagat with leading intersectional feminist guests on Friday, May 8, 2019, in person at RA MA Institute New York City, or online.

As part of Womxn’s History Month, we’re launching #WhyImAFeministWhoMeditates – a social media campaign designed to show the world all the bigger things our meditation practice is serving.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Think of who or what inspires you to get up and meditate every day — be it your art, your job, your children, being more kind to others, or dismantling the systems that uphold the patriarchy.

2. Post a photo to Instagram or Facebook and write your “why” on a piece of paper or in the caption with the hashtag #WhyImAFeministWhoMeditates. We’re following along and will re-post some of them along the way.

3. Follow @GuruJagat and @RAMAInstitute on Instagram to stay in the loop.

Then get ready to meditate with thousands of others around the world at the same time on March 8, 2019, on any of the live stream channels above!