Deconstructing hustle mentality

How can you grow your business without the push, drive, and hustle?

In this video, hear Guru Jagat deconstruct the difference in a HUSTLE frequency vs a PROJECTIVE frequency.

Instead of the forceful frequency around hustling, your projective personality creates authentic impact in your environment – both digital and physical spaces.

So how do you create an impactful projective personality? Watch this video with Guru Jagat to find out.

It’s actionable tools like this that can make the difference on whether you’re hired for the job or not.

That’s exactly the kind of tools and technologies that you’ll learn with Guru Jagat at RA MA Business School.

Join us LIVE for RA MA Business School The New Fundamentals 2021: How to Be Real in an Augmented Reality April 7-9, 2021.

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