An Introduction to Pre-Natal Tools and Technologies


There’s a sophisticated way to boost fertility and create sacred space for a new soul. Watch this video for three yogic tips to get started.

Infinity Ma – the first in a series of pre-natal trainings with Harmanjot – will give you the yogic technology and teachings to optimize your life for motherhood.

You’ll learn:

  • Physical practices from Kundalini yoga to hormonally prepare the body, increase ovulation, and create the optimal conditions for conception at any age
  • Meditations and teachings for establishing a crystal clear mind and royal self-relationship (required for every mother)
  • Mantras for calling in and nurturing a new soul
  • Yogic diets and lifestyle practices for thickening the womb lining and creating peak fertility
  • And much much more

If you’re going to start a family someday or want to conceive right away, this workshop is essential. Sign up here.

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