Yogic Recipe for Internal Balance

The sophistication of a woman’s system requires specific nourishment and care so that she can operate at her innate state of clarity, power, happiness, and compassion.
In this video with Shabadpreet, get a recipe for absorbing high amounts of trace minerals with an “Ayurvedic Fruit Compote”, and how you can use tools like this to achieve and maintain a nourished, balanced system.
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Dried fruits have a concentrated value of iron, potassium, and other essential minerals. Additionally, in the colder winter months, dried fruits deliver the enzymes and minerals of fruits to the body without the cooling effects of fresh fruits which are better for warmer months.
Fresh Water
6 Raw Almonds
2 Prunes
2 Apricots
1 Date
1 Fig
10 Raisins
*Your dried fruits should be organic and free of sulfurs (commonly added to dried fruits). 
Organic Amaranth
Fresh Water or Nut Milk of Choice
Combine fruits in a glass or small bowl. Cover to the level of the fruits with water. Let sit overnight. Do not pour off the water—the water has mineralizing properties from the re-hydrated fruit. Transfer to a blender and blend until chunky-smooth compote to your texture preferences. Enjoy this mineral-rich compote as is, with your yogurt, or as a compliment to your go-to morning porridge, or try this earthy, Amaranth Porridge for a protein, micronutrient, and fiber-rich option that is naturally gluten-free and wonderfully chewy. Prepare amaranth on your stove top with water or your nut milk of choice. Garnish with your compote and ghee.