What It Really Means to Be Empowered

Real empowerment is having the capacity to consciously navigate the cycles of womanhood.

Of course there’s the hormonal cycle, but there are many other cycles that also exist. Like the inner moon cycle, and the cycles of consciousness, intelligence, and vitality. When you have the correct tools to navigate and unlock the wisdom of these cycles, you can come into contact with your full capacity.

When you strengthen these cycles inside of you, then you can take this out into the world to unite individual and collective consciousness to make lasting, positive changes. That’s real feminism.

Hear Gurujas talk more about how you can use your innate strength in this video from our last Immense Grace weekend.

Go deeper in discovering and engaging the yogic power of the cycles and rhythms of being a woman in the next day-long Immense Grace Immersion – Cycle Sciences – with Shabadpreet, Mandev, Gurujas, and Harijiwan.