Destiny Application

Between the actualized destiny (manifested destiny) and your fate, there is the level of your applied destiny. Basically, if you want to actualize your destiny, you have to be creative and apply it diligently.

The money-minting month is March 21-April 21, when Aries goes into Taurus. Yogi Bhajan called it a “cash manifestation scheme.”

Discussion of neuron velocity, which is the rate of the neurons in your brain. Yogi Bhajan gave numbers for this; on his scale up to 3.5, a woman can’t live below 2.7, & when you get into 3.0 you start to get into higher & higher levels of your destiny. You can actually see this on a person’s forehead energetically, which is where the destiny is written (& rewritten as yogis & meditators).

Working with the trinity power for totality & balance.

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