Triple Royal Rebirth

Triple Royal REBIRTH

A 2-Day Intention Setting Virtual Gathering
with Guru Jagat

Go on a Vision Quest with Guru Jagat to co-create your most powerful imprint for the year ahead  
with 2 days of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, & visioning work.  You will leave this experience with strength, energy, clarity, and a practical blueprint for your next year.

A NEW Year Note from Guru Jagat

This year 2020 has been a paradigm shift on all levels.  Its challenges successfully weathered, we have emerged with the discovery of new facets of our own grit, depth, ingenuity, humanity, and consciousness.  2021 is an opportunity to apply these facets of ourselves in co-creating the times to come.  This important time calls for your own clarity of mind and inner vision. 


Visioning is a time-tested practice of self-metamorphosis through which we will come together in community in prayer, sound, practice, and practicality to release 2020 and other aspects of the 3D experience that may no longer be serving us so we can hold the vibration of this 2021 year and lay the foundations for our most potent personal and collective destinies. 


Join me in these first days of this new year to set a most powerful physical and energetic imprint for the times to come.

– Guru Jagat


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