The Magnetic Vacuum of Your Satisfied Desire

A fundamental frequency of the femme consciousness is a profound capacity to manifest visions for household, family, and business.

In this video with Guru Jagat, hear how you can use your double arcline to broadcast prosperity, how to create through the shakti power, and how the true longing for union of infinite and finite is like a magnetic vacuum.

Then, join Guru Jagat for a womxn’s Immersion to go deep into the reclamation of the lost arts of house-holding and hearth-making from the space of your most sacred heart.

You’ll journey to the pure heart center and explore ancestral herbalism, eating as prayer, cook in the kitchen with Guru Jagat, the tradition of quilting and the spiritual path, and so much more.

Immense Grace Presents: Hands & Heart with Guru Jagat
December 11-13, 2020