About Harmanjot

Harmanjot is an originating teacher at RA MA Institute. She is the director of curriculum for RA MA Global, editor for RA MA Press, the host of Reality Riffing Presents, and the founder of Infinity MA – a full spectrum motherhood and family class series and six-month course.

With a sense of humor and by the book application of the teachings, students in Harmanjot’s classes include Academy Award winners, music industry veterans, executives, artists, fashion makers, influencers and individuals of all backgrounds. Harmanjot has been married for seven years and is a mother of two young children. Therefore, when she is not teaching, Harmanjot is picking up toys and reading bedtime stories.

About Harmanjot

Harmanjot has devoted her life to the purity dharmic teachings and the fullness householder life. Her classes are clear, with a focus on the technology of the practice and the richness that unfolds from them.

Creative and valuing education, Harmanjot holds a degree from NYU and is currently working on her Master’s thesis for the European Graduate School. She also maintains a seven year and ongoing apprenticeship with her teacher Guru Jagat.