The Cosmic Orgasm: A Deep Dive


This interactive 3 hour orgasm will leave you tingling from start to end.

  • connect to your feminine intuition
  • reactivate your pussy
  • spark what you’ve been sitting on into action
  • learn to have an everlasting orgasm
  • manifest the desires of your heart

Cosmic is a guide leading women back to their orgasmic infinity. She has worked in her calling since age 12, serving as a motivational speaker, poet, educator and women’s activator. she has shared her gifts around the globe in over 10 countries and is the founder of cosmic vibes: an online and in person healing space connecting women, mothers and children back to their infinity. Check out cosmics’ work at:

100% of the proceeds go directly to a social impact project lead by Cosmic.

The impact project is the first cosmic village in the Dominican Republic which is a poc community based safe haven for aligned spiritual living. It is a revolutionary space where we live in alignment with the land and create spaces for others that wish to do the same. We will grow our own food (also have a program where excess food is given to surrounding community members), have our own spiritual schooling for our children and community children as well as sustainable living.

$111 / $89 early bird

Early bird price ends 11:59 PM PDT on 10/22/2020.

Live on RA MA TV

Yours to watch indefinitely following the event.

The Cosmic Orgasm: A Deep Dive