Infinity MA: Fertility Redefined with Harmanjot Kaur



Saturday October 26th
1pm – 4pm PST
Join Harmanjot for the first in a series of pre-natal trainings using Kundalini yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.  In this workshop you will discover:
– Physical practices from Kundalini yoga to hormonally prepare the body, increase ovulation, and create the optimal conditions for conception at any age.
– Meditations and teachings for establishing a crystal clear mind and royal self-relationship (required for every mother.)
-Mantras for calling in and nurturing the new soul.
-Yogic diets and lifestyle practices for thickening the womb lining and creating peak fertility
– And so much more!
This workshop will also include Q&A time for supporting your unique circumstances (discussion of miscarriage care, endometriosis, low progesterone included).

“You think the mother is the one who nurses the child, who changes the diapers, who cleanse the baby and gives the bath, and this and that.  Actually, the mother is the one who’s in command of the space.  That’s what mother means.  The word is, ‘maa-dar’… ‘Maa’ means moon, ‘dar’ means the gate…the flow of the Moon; that Gate.  ‘Maa’ means ‘Come, Infinite’…” – Yogi Bhajan


Harmanjot has been a trained teacher of Kundalini yoga for 11 years. She has trained in the yogic conception, pre-natal and child-rearing teachings under Harijiwan and Gurujas, and studies daily with her personal teacher, Guru Jagat. In October 2018, Harmanjot gave birth to her first daughter, Dass Piara Kaur.

Infinity MA: Fertility Redefined with Harmanjot Kaur
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