Amplify Your Absolute Best Self: A Bundle of Workshops with Guru Jagat


Alchemical Aura: The Millionaire's Mantra with Guru Jagat

In this (2.5 Hour) Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop with Guru Jagat:
  • Learn the nuances of working with the Millionaire’s Mantra
  • Receive a daily paradigm-shifting Prosperity Practice 
  • Strengthen your aura to catch, hold, and maintain more prosperity
  • Install the ability to alchemize any scenario into a prosperous one 
  • Increase your chi to handle more success 
  • Blow past mental glass ceilings  

"Try to study this twenty-fifth Pauri I have told you. It brings prosperity, richness, it brings you integrity, it's very powerful."
- Yogi Bhajan


RA MA Institute New York Presents:

A New Moon in Leo Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class with Guru Jagat

Use the positive persona of Leo to amplify your absolute best self.

Infinite Replay


RA MA Institute New York Presents:

A New Moon Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Gong Workshop with Guru Jagat & Harijiwan