RA MA's 11th Birthday celebration | Friday, April 19


Parallel Prana | Full Moon in Aquarius


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Guru Jagat

Use the enlightening quality of the full moon + the high-velocity archetype of Aquarius, it’s very quick, very smart, very genius. 

  • Use your mind, your gaze, your attention, and whatever you’re creating through that attention, in the most clear-cut, defined, and discerning ways
  • Learn how to create momentum in your life by aligning with lunar and celestial movements 
  • Establish a Parallel Prana — where your pranic current is in harmonic convergence with the earth current, and therefore the celestial currents 
  • Get into an Earth Axel Meditation

Length: ~ 1.5 Hours
Originally Presented on a Full Moon in Aquarius, August 3rd, 2020 as Parallel Prana
Virtually on RA MA TV + Infinite Replay

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Parallel Prana | Full Moon in Aquarius
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