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Intuitive Intelligence
in the Time of
Artificial Intelligence


April 2024

Thousands of years ago, the Aquarian Age was foreseen to be a time of great change.
In this Age, the frequency of Planet Earth would increase— creating a higher level of sensitivity, historic societal transformation, and quantum advances in technology.

With the quantum increase in technology and information, humans need the tools to turn on and turn up their inherent intuitive & intelligent power.

That’s where Kundalini Yoga comes in.

In Person at RA MA Los Angeles
Virtually on RA MA TV with Infinite Replay

We are now in the Aquarian Age

We are seeing the world transform before our eyes with the arrival of augmented reality headsets, humanoid robots, Chat GPT, and an overall increase of artificial intelligence that we interact with every day.

While these developments in technology benefit us greatly, they also present new challenges. The gap between the average human being and technology is becoming wider and wider.

Kundalini Yoga makes an ordinary person extraordinary.

Kundalini Yoga is a yogic technology— and inside the energetic realms of it are hundreds of tools to help you move through this pivotal moment in human history in a way that benefits you. 

Practice any Kundalini Yoga breath, yoga set, mantra, or meditation— and you will increase your intuition & intelligence automatically.

You are intuitive— Kundalini Yoga simply grows it, fast.

Every human being has intuition. Some refer to it as your higher self. The more intuitive you are, the more your life just flows. You are in the right place at the right time. Someone says exactly what you needed to hear. You are fulfilled, energized, enjoying whatever comes your way— this is the gift of intuition. 

The key to bridging the gap between technology and you is not by trying to compete with it. If you Google “flower,” Google will come back to you with 7,320,000,000 results in 0.32 seconds. We don’t need to aim for that. 

The key is to develop your intuitive power.
AI doesn’t have intuition, you do.

Topics will Include: 

  • Human Creativity & Intuitive Intelligence— what is it and why do you need it? 
  • The Nature of Consciousness and Reality
  • Misinformation, Disinformation, and Fake News in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Mechanics of the Crown Chakra



Intuitive Intelligence in the Time of Artificial Intelligence

April 2024

In Person at RA MA Los Angeles
Virtually on RA MA TV with Infinite Replay


$ 199
  • In-person at RA MA Los Angeles
  • Virtually on RA MA TV
  • *All Registrations Include Access to Event Portal with infinite Virtual Replay*

Your guides

Harijiwan has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1975. He is the founder of the GRAMMY®-Award Winning band, White Sun. With over 44 years of experience in the science of Kundalini Yoga, Harijiwan incorporates a vast knowledge of various methodologies and training into his practice.

Today, and throughout his years as a teacher and healer, Harijiwan remains committed to expanding his knowledge and experience to provide his students with the most progressive, effective, self-empowering approaches that increase overall joy and wholeness within the context of everyday experiences.


Mandev Khalsa is an award-winning filmmaker and creator of two mobile apps: My Moon Map™ & Moon Me Lover™. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in yogic teachings to discover energy and power.

Mandev is a lead instructor at RA MA Kundalini Training, Immense Grace, Destination Meditation, and RA MA Yatra.

Mandev can be found teaching at RA MA Institute and online on RA MA TV. Her classes focus on removing blocks, installing prosperity patterns, weaving celestial sound codes, karma clearing, third eye-opening, mind crystallizing, heart opening, soul downloading.

She travels the world with her teacher and husband Harijiwan leading Kundalini Trainings, yatras, and women’s programs.

www.mymoonmap.com www.moonmelover.com

@mandevkhalsa @mymoonmap

Shabadpreet is the CEO of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology with locations in Santa Monica, California; Mallorca, Spain; New York City, and virtually on RA MA TV.

At the side of her teacher and RA MA’s Founding CEO, Guru Jagat for 8 years until her sudden passing in 2021, Shabadpreet served as Guru Jagat’s Chief of Staff, implementing the trail-blazing vision and fruition of RA MA’s physical and digital expansion from a wellness start up to an internationally recognized global phenomena.

As CEO, she carries forward RA MA’s mission as a crossroads of consciousness, wellbeing, and creation-culture. Known for her healing approach, Shabadpreet can teaches in our Kundalini Trainings, Immense Grace, & on RA MA TV.



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