Focus On This Leading Into the Solstice

It takes a strong intuition to gain clarity on any situation. It’s your intuition that guides your body to make moves that work for you, not against you.

The stronger your intuition, the clearer you are in your perception, and the more accurate you are in your assessments, judgements, and actions.

Hear Harijiwan talk more about how you can use your intuition to gain clarity in this video.

We’re now in a window in these days leading up to the solstice where you can make big changes. Maximize on this time by making intentions for yourself and have the goal that, by Solstice, you have a much clearer view of yourself and your reality.

Practice, celebrate, and meditate on the solstice with Harijiwan, Gurujas, Mandev, Shabadpreet, and a lineup of incredible guests all-day on Tuesday, June 21.

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