Everything is Working Out In Your Favor

It’s possible to position your life in such a way that everything that happens on planet Earth is designed to benefit you.

When you’re in a victim mindset, it feels like someone did something to you. But instead of feeling like you lost (and in return, shrinking your aura), it’s possible to rework any scenario to actually see what you got out of it and get yourself back in an expansive state.

Eventually, you can create a mindset where you’ll never be victimized or vulnerable – but sovereign in the huge amount of choice that’s available to you to navigate any scenario at any given time.

It just takes one step at a time towards having a better life – see what happens when you create that kind of momentum for yourself.

Hear Harijiwan talk more about that in this video.

Get a taste of what it’s like to create this kind of life for yourself in next weekend’s day-long Immense Grace Immersion – Purpose & Success: Soul Visioning to Create Your Life-Changing Year with Shabadpreet, Mandev, Gurujas, Harijiwan, and Harmanjot.