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Why Take Cold Showers? It’s Better Than Coffee.

A guide to cold showers.

We know that taking cold showers is not everyone’s jam but here is a little more on why adding in this short, simple step to your morning or day can really change your life.

Just a few minutes of cold water increases circulation, awakens and strengthens the nervous system and opens the capillaries of the body. When your body is flooded by an onrush of cold water, much of the blood rushes to your organs to nourish them and keep them warm. In this process, the blood flushes out your capillary system and clears toxins.

A daily cold shower will stimulate circulation first thing in the morning and cleanse your organs. You may notice that your skin becomes more radiant and you begin to feel younger, healthier and more full of energy. Pair this with your Kundalini Yoga practice and you have a routine that can purify your glands and strengthen your nervous system in just a few minutes a day.


  1. Dry brush your body in short strokes toward the heart from the base of your feet all the way up, allowing the skin to become slightly pink. Make sure to dry brush your face gently if you choose to do so.
  2. Massage almond or coconut oil all over the body including the face.
  3. Turn on the cold water in your shower and get in.
  4. Facing the water, begin massaging different parts of your body, starting with the souls of your feet and continuing with the tops of your feet and hands.
  5. To treat the back of the body, turn around and let cold water run down the spine. Rub shoulders, armpits, upper arms, forearms and wrists on both sides. Rub kidneys and lower back. Massage the back of the calves with the tops of the feet then turn around again.
  6. Massage your face. Let the water hit your chest and massage your heart center and pectoral area. Massage your stomach. Then slightly strike the tops of the thighs with loose fists.
  7. Time: 30 seconds to 15 minutes, or until you are warm.
  8. To End: get out of the shower; towel yourself off until you are completely dry. 
  9. Look in the mirror and admire your glow!
Cold Showers Kundalini

Pro Tips:

  • Set yourself up for success by having your bathroom as warm as possible.
  • Have a towel handy to briskly dry off and stimulate the skin.
  • Start small. Maybe you don’t put your full body into the stream of water at first–simply start with the feet and hands, then work your way up from there. Any amount is a good amount!
  • Avoid too much cold exposure on the first few days of menstruation for women.
  • Add in the self-massage to really flush out toxins from your tissues.
  • Listen to your body and be kind to yourself!

This article was made with excerpts and information from Guru Jagat’s book “Invincible Living.” Get more tips and tools for living a radiant life with her book here.

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