“Equinox poem I had to write myself” by Guru Jagat

I searched on google for
An equinox poem,
one ripe with Time & Intimacy —
To send to you or put on Instagram
Quoted below a pensive photo
staged back in 2019,
Only to find some fallen leaves
On a year of empty streets.

I looked for Mary Oliver
Allegories of nature, dogs & loss
Intertwined like farmer’s market carrots
That I felt awkward about staring at,
Lovers naked entwined
& then roasted too long —
Their twin roots burnt & gone.

But I’m proud of us for continuing
Some bleakly
Some bravely in the dark clutching beliefs like anubby childhood blankie
Some, the lonely scroll keeps a soul lit long after sundown.

Equinox you’ve come hard earned
We are grateful
we will hold hands on the zoom room
Reaching out to infinity through RA MA TV chat
& beyond.

It’s been a hell of ride & maybe enough to justify ending this poem like your old baseball buddy’s eulogy for
You — written on a state of the art Dell computer
sometime In the future.

Guru Jagat
Fall Equinox 2020