RA MA Institute Presents:

A 5-Week Series with Evolutionary Astrologer

In this series Ricky uses the extreme practicality of Evolutionary Astrology as an Intelligent life application and Self psychology tool for Self acceptance and personal transformation.

Evolutionary Astrology helps us remember that each of our souls made a contract with the universe when we chose to reincarnate — and for very specific reasons unique to each individual. Your birth chart exists to remind you about the exact nature of what you signed up for to fulfill your destiny stream in this lifetime.

Your chart, in essence, is a sacred treasure map.

As you become more conscious about what you are here to do, your resistances to your destiny become futile. By participating consciously with the material you have already elected to work on in this lifetime, life’s chaos, confusion and challenges are transformed from vexation into a means to access your super powers.

In this course you will be given the tools to:

💠 Recognize the agendas and natural resources within yourself and others
💠 Release karmic patterns
💠 Receive tools to actively move toward your destiny

Specializing in the Moon’s south node (awareness of karmic patterning) and north node (the antidote to karmic patterning), Ricky awakens his students to the psychological makeup and archetypes that lie beneath the surface of your being. The time is now for You to meet You with curiosity and tenderness. It’s the first step towards developing a deep and exquisite love affair with the most important person in your life – You.

Ricky welcomes seasoned astrology buffs as well as anyone who is ready to embark for the first time on understanding, accepting, and fueling their destiny.

Evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Wednesday August 15, 2018 | Wednesday August 22, 2018  

Wednesday August 29, 2018  |  Tuesday September 5, 2018

In-person at RA MA Institute Venice ONLY
316 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA 90291

Commit To The Transformation | Full Series Admission $149
Dive In For A Session | $33


For Ricky, leaving football was simply a redirection of his talent. Now a sought after-speaker regarding cannabis and its restorative effects (as well as an advocate for its legalization and regulation in the US), Ricky has also devoted himself to mastering other healing modalities, and his approach is with the same intensity and desire to learn and become skillful as he applied to football.
Through years of immersing himself in the study of Ayurvedic medicine in California, yoga and meditation in India, and manual therapies such as the cranial sacral therapy pioneered by the Upledger Institute, Ricky has become known in many circles as a unique healer with both an extensive knowledge base and the first-hand experience of a professional athlete.

An integral part of Ricky’s approach to healing has come through the study of astrology, which he began in 2004 after living in an ashram during his first retirement from the NFL. Over the years, as he has wrestled with existential dilemmas in his own life, he has found time and time again that astrology offers him insights that have empowered him to transform wounds and traumas into access to internal resources and clarity of purpose.

For Ricky, the evolution of consciousness is a religion, and the birthchart is the evolutionary lesson plan.