Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society

Join the New Women’s Movement

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is a membership-only exclusive online Women’s Training and Community with Guru Jagat. Think of it as the New YWCA or the Yogic Sorority you wished always existed. Membership gives you access month-by-month to Guru Jagat Events, Group Calls, Exclusive Online Content, Global Community of feminine thought leaders and change-makers.

You’ll receive:

  • Monthly Guru Jagat Events — Attend Virtually and in a City Near You When in Guru Jagat is on Tour
  • Monthly Group Calls
  • Monthly Themes, Inspirations, Practices, and Experiences
  • Access to Exclusive Online Content
  • Wellness and Beauty Picks Curated by Guru Jagat and Special Deals from our AWLS Partners
  • Spontaneous Bonuses and Gifts from Guru Jagat — Bestie Deals, Bring a Sister Passes, Women’s Days Specials, and more!
  • AWLS Mixers and Social Opportunities in a City Near You


Can I participate in both Immense Grace and Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society?

Yes! You can participate alone or in conjunction with Guru Jagat’s Intensive Women’s Training Immense Grace. In summary, AWLS is a month to month, interactive women’s community like the new YWCA or the Yogic Sorority you always wished existed. Immense Grace is an in-depth, intensive commitment, 7-month experience. If you are interested in retreats or a deeper dive with Guru Jagat and more one-on-one work, you can join us for Immense Grace here.

Become a Founding Member of Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society! 

Sign up before May 1st at our Founding Rate of $77 per month. After May 1st membership rates will increase to $97 per month.