Welcome to the Women's Classroom

With the demands and pressures of the current landscape, we as Women have to sophisticate our systems and the care + depth we give to other women as well as ourselves.

In this course series you’ll find hours of free content and experience — an adventure into the unfolding of the new energy on the planet.

Beyond the myths of competition and the nuclear family, we build community: powerful, diverse, inter-generational, spiritual and real.

Experience Guru Jagat’s mission to create a new pedagogical construct of how to grow and learn as a woman in this Age. THIS is the Women’s Classroom.

Watch the video series to get started.

The Mesmerizing Woman

Profound women’s teachings for your radiant self-cultivation.

Optimal Vitality

A new conversation on vitality, stress and anti-aging.


Immense Grace Intensive Global Women’s Training 2020 – 2021

⚜️ Career
⚜️ Politic
⚜️ Self-Psychology
⚜️ Relationship
⚜️ Leadership
⚜️ Prosperity
⚜️ Motherhood
⚜️ Embodied Power
⚜️ Yogic Science
⚜️ Sensory Intuitive Wisdom
⚜️ Incredible Awe-Inspiring Global Community

Ready for The Full Experience?

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